EcoGlue Extreme Premium Adhesive Sealant

EcoGlue™ Extreme is a high performance polyether moisture cure technology that is 100% solids, solvent free and less then 2% VOC. It's environmentally friendly, but does not sacrifice strength and provides INSTANT GRAB on a wide variety of substrates. EcoGlue Extreme is engineered for bonding and sealing virtually any substrate, and will provide a long lasting weather tight seal even in the most unfavorable wet application conditions. EcoGlue Extreme is suitable for both vertical and overhead applications and can be painted after 24 hours. It is safe to use indoors, or in confined spaces, as it contains no odor. Best application temperatures are above 30° F (-1° C).

Environmentally Friendly Without Sacrificing Strength.

Multiple Applications.

Provides Maximum Performance.